Being a filmmaker in Northeast Florida can be lonely. Night after night spent slaving away on that script or edit or idea…many of us also balancing a day job and family demands…

Amid all that isolation, don’t you long to meet people who share your passion? People you can talk to and learn from and maybe even work with?

Well, Jacksonville Film Workshops (JFW) has exactly what you’re looking for. So if you’re a local filmmaker, media talent, or crew looking for some all-too rare chance to network and hang with others in this deranged biz, listen up.

JFW Film Meet-up Events

Last year’s original JFW Monthly Meetups were a great start at trying something no one else in the area was doing – bringing Jacksonville film folks together. Now, after a holiday hiatus and a chance to ponder what worked and what didn’t, we’re gearing up for 2016 JFW Meetups with some big changes that we think you’re going to like.

New Structure to Our Meet-ups

1) Meet-ups Now Quarterly

The first change you may notice is that it’s no longer monthly. For now, we’re moving to quarterly meet ups to allow for more planning and promotion. Rather than make several small events, we’re planning on 4 larger events throughout 2016 with the first one set for Wednesday, March 9 from 7-10 pm.

2) Better Content and More to Learn

The second change is on format and content. Each meet up will start out as an opportunity to relax and meet others. There’ll be food, drinks, music, games and socializing in Micha McLain’s awesome billiard parlor/studio. You may even get a chance to be beaten at 8-ball by Micha himself.

Later in the evening, we’ll turn the focus to a topic of interest to filmmakers and people interested in the industry. Each meet up will have a content session such as short instructional classes on a filmmaking topic, interviews with local film professionals and showcases of films and projects by people in the local film community.

Afterwards, we’ll do a Q&A following up on the content session.

There’ll also be drawings and giveaways, occasional “schwag” and a chance to meet people who dig the same things you do.

We’re still working our content line-up for the rest of the year, but for the March Meet-up, we’re planning on a short session on using DaVinci Resolve color correction software. Micha is an expert on it’s use and anyone who’s burned the midnight oil trying to “fix it in post” will understand the value in learning a little more about this great (free) program.

The subsequent Q&A session will open up for your color correction questions as well as answers to other editing and filmmaking issues keeping you awake at night.

Register to Attend the JFW Meet-up

Space will be limited so we will need everyone to register, though it is free! Sign up for the JFW meet-up here.

Final Thoughts

If you have ideas for content or are interested in presenting content, feel free to let us know in the comments below. If you’re interested in it, chances are others in the film community will be as well.

There’s an amazing collection of talented people in and around Jacksonville. What’s in short supply are opportunities for them to meet each other outside of working on projects. If you’re one of them – or aspire to be – this is a rare opportunity to meet new friends and future colleagues.

We hope to see you there!